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Dina Cohen-Or

Dina Cohen-Or is a psychotherapist and lecturer in the fields of bibliotherapy, story-telling therapy, and the integration of the arts in therapy and education at the Lesley Israel branch, Levinsky College, Beit Berl College, Bait VeGan College, and Lifshitz College. She is a doctoral student at Bar-Ilan University in bibliotherapy and comparative literature. She has developed models in the field and presented at international conferences and the third and fourth Caesarea conferences.


A long-standing meeting exists between Dina Cohen-Or and Yoav Fischer. It began with seven years of participation in the learning group of the "Stern Approach" with Rachel Shamir in the years 1995-2002. Since those years, each of them has developed Stern's original approach in his own way, treated and taught it in different frameworks. In the last three years, a renewed collaboration has been formed between them, which is shaping "color psychotherapy" in its current version. The meeting allows for a fascinating dialogue and enrichment between the psychological and spiritual worlds that characterize color psychotherapy.


Dina and Yoav collaborate in writing and presenting the approach at conferences. Together they led workshops at the third Caesarea conference of ART AS THERAPY in 2012, the fourth Caesarea conference in 2013, and the international Caesarea conference in 2016.


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