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Carl Gustav Jung- The Four Functions

The four functions that distinguish people:

Sensation; Thinking; Feeling and Intuition

Under sensation I include all perceptions by means of the sense organs; by thinking, I mean the function of intellectual cognition and the forming of logical conclusions; feeling is a function of subjective evaluation; intuition I take as perception by way of the uncons cious, or perception of unconscious events 

( psycholoical types, 1971-1921, p. 518)                                                                                                                 

Every individual walks a unique and individual path of development, on the way to "individualization". The use of "sensation" means relying on the information that is received through the various senses - sight, touch, hearing, touch, etc. Cognitive function relies on cognition and logic. In "feeling", we are talking about the conceptualization and evaluation that a person gives to the information that is received from the senses and intuition. Sensation and intuition provide feeling and thinking with the information they need to process information.


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