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Color Psychotherapy & Slime: A Voyage Through the Substances of Existence

Color Psychotherapy (CPS) is a unique psychodynamic therapeutic approach based on the foundational work of the late Dr. George Stern. Color Psychotherapy offers a portal to understanding the intra-psychic intricacies of individuals and their functioning in personal and social arenas. The ideas of Color Psychotherapy are useful beyond clinical settings and are applicable in educational contexts and prevention.

Color psychotherapy focuses on enriching the individual's expression. Working with colors and materials penetrates individual defenses and touches the deepest physical layers of the corporeal experience.

This book presents slime as both material and metaphor. It offers a prism for understanding Color Psychotherapy and investigating the human psyche. Slime serves as a remedy for deep human needs at the individual level in the current semi-virtual world. Throughout the book, the stimuli and reactions invoked by slime are examined using conceptualizations and tools of analysis based on Color Psychotherapy.

Readers are welcome to embark on an expansive journey through ideas stemming from psychology and psychoanalysis, art, philosophy, design, media and more. These ideas are further demonstrated through therapeutic vignettes including a special emphasis on patients on the Autistic spectrum.

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